Discipleship Training Class

Church ministries foundations class

This teaching is designed to help guide you on your way from believer to minister. It will help you continue your quest to fulfill your destiny and reach the high call of God in Christ Jesus for your life. Completion of firm foundations is required for entrance into this six month course. A disciple is a learner under discipline, one who needs a teacher to instruct them in the basic disciplines of the Christian life, such as, personal quiet time with the lord, how to study the bible, church attendance, how to walk in the spirit, how to develop the fruit of the spirit, taking up your cross daily, and total surrender to the will of god are some of the truths that are discussed. This 26 week course starts up the first Sunday of January and the first Sunday in July every year. Completion of this course is required for entrance into servants’ training class.

The discipline of surrender – the disciple as a student (Christ)

  1. Making of a disciple – learner under discipline
  2. Abiding in the vine – pruned so that we can bear more fruit
  3. Quiet time – 7 principles to spending time with Christ
  4. Eternal life – who is Jesus? – the Christ, the Son of God

The discipline of servant hood (cross)

  1. The greatest in the kingdom
  2. Carrying your cross – daily surrender
  3. Resurrected life – bases for servanthood
  4. Forsaking all – total surrender

The discipline of submission (compliance)

  1. To God
  2. To His Word
  3. To your spiritual leaders
  4. To all authorities

The discipline of sanctification (conviction)

  1. Sanctification
  2. Holiness
  3. Obedience – the key to reward
  4. Separation not isolation

The discipline of stewardship (commitment)

  1. Counting the cost – commitment
  2. Faithfulness – the key to promotion
  3. Use it or lose it – talents, time, treasures
  4. Stand and be counted – no secret society

The discipline of spiritual life (character)

  1. The badge of a disciple – love
  2. The life of faith – how to live and walk
  3. Identify with Christ – died and rose in him
  4. Character – transformation